by Fred Lowery



John the Baptist (St@anley)
"Locust" - a fruit tree in Israel

Called last of Old Testament prophets and first of New Testament prophets
400 silent years - prophetiess

Like sudden clap of thunder
Ch 2 - Herod has died, Jesus is born

God called & annointed for a specific task
Elizabeth knew that and he knew it

After about 30 years in carpenter shop of his dad
Comes this rough and ragged preacher

One message: "Repent for kingdom of heaven is at hand"
Clear, loud , powerful - ricocheted off rocks' and off walls of the temple
in Jerusalem

People came by multi@tu'de@, - curiosity

E.G. Matt. 11:7 - Jesus estimation of John the Baptist. As far as
work, energy, ministry - none greater. Then go on to say John's
message was Old Testament - we know of the atoning work of Christ
by God's grace. We have greater insight than John. We have the

John had full revelation for his time
But not full in comparison to what we have.

We're not greater in work or energy but more insight
Those in Old Tostament had a shadow, a taste - we have the reality
E.G. Have Holy Spirit alive and working in us
John the Baptist
Page Two

Pharisees question - By what authority?
John had discernment & could tell the difference in those coming
in repentance & those coming out of curiosity and criticism.

Called sin, sin
Spoke with annointing of God

1. Will view things from his spirit and not his mind
E.G. world wants the mind - education
One day stopped - behold the Son of Man - not of his mind but his
spirit. Knew the moment the Son of God stepped on the scene.
1 Jn. 4:1 - test the spirits
Discern = to cut in half & look at it like it really is

So much grey todaiy@ sounds so right
E.G. Maybe saying right things, true things but when ask your

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