by Fred Lowery

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co Be Happy: The Journey is the Joy
Phi 1-:6

How many of you have children or you know somebody whose got
children, let me see your hands? Airight, . You've traveled with
children, haven't you? Isn't that a trip? I'm tell you! Two things
about traveling with chiidren: it's an exercise in patience and it will
drive you bananas!

Many times we'll say "we'll never do this again". It just won't work,
we'll wait til they get grown, but we won't try this anymore! We just
can't handle it! And to hear those words "Are we there yet, Daddy?"
You ever heard those words? When you think about it, are we ther-e
yet, - it's coming out of dissatisfaction. Disapproval. Discouragement.
They know good and well you are not there yet! You can be on a
thousand mile trip - and in 200 miles, they're saying are we there yet?
They know you're not there yet. But they're just trying to aggravate
you. Because you see, they say, why are we not there yet? Why are
-, Why do we liave to go? It's the "wh,@,lwhinell
we taking this trip.

Their eyes are on the destination only. They are so preoccupied with
getting there that they can't enjoy anything along the way. They
certainly ought to enjoy the beauty. Have you ever pointed out the
beauty along the highway to the kids? Have you ever tried to get
them a play a game with you? Have you ever tried to get them to
talk like just sane folks and have some quality family time? No!
They want to whine! And say why? Why are we there? Why did we
take this trip? Why are we doing what we're doing? And fight with
each other.
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