by Fred Lowery


"Each problem carries a past and a future ...
If you concentrate on the present, you eliminate two
thirds of the problem!"
Sidney Rosem

Robert Louis Stevenson, auth'or of the classic book, Treasure Island,
experienced terrible health and suffered on a daily basis year after
year. However, he maintained a strong and radiant faith. His success
in living an overcoming life, in the face of adversity, is best
expressed in his own wo"rds:

"As yesterday is history, and tomorrow may never come,
I have resolved from this day on,
I will do all the business I can honestly,
have all the fun I can reasonably,
do all the good I can willingly,
and save my disposition by thinking pleasantly."

As quoted in Something Good for Those Who Feel Bad, p.58

Tim Hansel tells about a saintly invalid, who was crippled, and had to
spend the rest of her life in bed, who was once asked, "Ho@,; long must
you lie like that?" She ansered "Just one day at a time". Divine help
is promised for just one day. (Hansel - guilty , p 70)

"One today is worth two tomorrows.
What I am to be I am now becoming."
Ben Franklin

One Tick at a Time

1 love the story of the old Idrandfather clock who got to thinking how
many ticks it had to tick. Said the old clock to himself, "I tick two
ticks a second, one hundred twenty ticks a minute, seventy two hundred
ticks an hour, one hundred seventy two thousand eight hundred ticks a
day and sixty two million ticks a year. The old clock mused to
himself, i'm old and tired and there is no way I can tick all those
ticks. I'm just not the "clock" I used to bel" Finally, he decided he
needed some help and he went to see th ...

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