by Fred Lowery

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Be Happy: If it's to be, it's up to me
Selected Scripture

I've been preaching a series of sermons for the past 21 weeks on "Be
Happy, Anybody Can!" And you have responded to those sermons
in a great way - I think God has used those messages, I know he has
used them to help me in my own life, and I want to wind up, conclude
that series this morning. And now you can get the complete set on
cassette tape. I guess we have sold more cassette tapes of this series,
than any series we have ever done. And I hope you will get a set and
share those tapes with your friends.
I was on a flight one day to Washington. We taxied down the runway.
And sat for about twenty minutes without explanation. And then taxied
back in to the airport. and sat there for a few minutes. And then we
taxied back out to the runway. For take-off and after we got into
the air, the stewardess came by and I said to her, what happened?
We go out ther taxi to the end of the runway and then we go back
to the airport and she said the pilot didn't like the sound of #1 engine.
I said, well what did we do about it? She said, we changed pilots!
I prayed the rest of the way on that trip. But there is a tendency
sometimes to deny our happiness. Our unhappiness and to deny our
problems. And there is a tendency to get somebody to tell us what
we want to hear, rather than acknowledging and dealing with the issue.
There is a classic story about another flight, an international flight.
They were two hours out over the oce6n. And the pilot came over
the intercom and said ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you that
we have lost power in the #1 engine. But don't worry, because we
can make it fine on the other three engines ...

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