by Fred Lowery

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Be Happy: Reprogram Your Mind
PHI 4:8-9
January 28, 1990

My wife and I were traveling from Willis Knighton to Schumpert -
and got stopped by a train. And I just shifted into park and
said isn't this a neat surprise? And we got a little chat here and
then I reached over and grabbed her and planted a long Hollywood
kiss on her! And she passed out and I take her to Schumpert - no,
no, not really. She almost passed out on me because she knows
how I respond to trains. Normally my blood pressure goes up and
I'm usually fussing about the railroad and about the trains -that
seem to go through Bossier and Shreveport - they go slowly -
and then they stop and think about it a while and then they
back up to make sure that they did not miss anything. They
then move forward again. And that is just rough on me. But
I was working on this sermon so I was practicing self talk. And
doing somethingsdifferently and taking advantage of those little
serendipities, those little surprises, those pauses instead of
letting it get to me I was taking advantage of that situation.

When you really think about it - all wars began as thoughts.
All divorces began as thoughts. All criminal acts began as
thoughts. In the mind. All drug addiction began as thoughts
in the mind. All rape began as thoughts in the mind. All
suicides began as thoughts in the mind.

In order to control our lives and control our happiness we have
to control our thoughts, the Bible says as a man thinketh in his
heart so is he. And psychology says that's right. Big deal
Who cares7 When psychology decide to agree with the Bible
I don't get excited about that. Because sooner or later they will
understand that it is the Bible that is the standard. And the
Bible says that man is the summation of his thoughts.

Reprogram your mind
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That what we think, we eventually become. The Bible says that what
we are at this moment is a result of our previou ...

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