by Fred Lowery

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Be Happy:Sing in the Rain
Phi 4:4

Sa@ this with me, "I've been through enough to know that he will be

enough for me". The legendary Paganinni walked out on the stage

with a limp because of a nail in his shoe. Snickering through the

crowd while he was tuning his instrument, the violin, and knocked

over a candle and again the crowd laughed. He began to play and

a string broke', and the crowd became hysterical. And then a second

string broke and a third string broke. And he kept on playing one

string. And he brought out of that one string music so sublime that

it reduced the entire audience to silence.

Fanny Crosby wrote at least 4000 hymns, like "Blessed Assurance,

Jesus is mine, oh what a foretaste of glory divine". She wrote

"There is sunshine in my soul today, there is sunshine in my soul

today". But she never saw the sunshine. At six weeks she was biind

because of carelessness. Never remembered seeing the sun but she

could write a hymn like there is sunshine in my soul. She had learned

td sing in the rain. She had learned that God can put sunshine deep

within the soul. The Bibie says in Him there is no darkneiss at all.

He is light. That means that when you have God deep within your soul

at the center of your being, regardless of what's happening on the

outside - there is sunshine in your soul. And that's glory. No matter

what is going on out there in the world in your life, in your situation

and in your circumstances, you can have sunshine in the center of your

life - and if you do, you can make it through whatever.

tiv !Wt- tiliere was a study @led the Cradi@.s of Eminence. A sti@y
of some 413 famous gifted people and the purpose of the study was to
find out what common thread ran through the lives of these people
who were so gifted and famous. The result was there was a common
thread and it was that these ...

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