by Fred Lowery

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Be Happy:Develop a Forgiving Spirit
Phi 4:2 12/17/89AM

Is there anyone you can't forgive? Is there anyone you can't hug? The key
to personal happiness, emotional stability and physical health - did you get that?
the key to personal happiness, to emotional stablity and physical health is the
ability to forgive. To receive forgiveness and to give forgiveness.
A few days ago a 25 year old man named Marc Lepine walked into the University
of Montreal, the school of engineering, and he killed fourteen women. As he
roamed through that six story modern structure, he ranted and raved saying
I want the women - I am going to kill the women! You are a bunch of feminists!
And I hate you! Marc came from a broken home. He carried a suicide note
explaining that women had ruined his life. He said the women had spoiled his
happiness and he wanted to kill them.
Leonard Holt was a model father, scout leader, member of the Kiwanis Club,
church member, model citizen, faithful worker at a mill in Pennsylvania for
fifteen years, one morning drove his station wagon to work, walked to the
mill and put 30 bullets into men that he had worked with for years. Killing
men that he knew personally. Exploded from the inside. Marc Lepine and
Leonard Holt could not forgive. Their hearts and lives were filled with
resentment and bitterness and hate. And it destroyed them and innocent
people along with them. You cann't afford not to forgive.
On the other side, Corrie Ten Boom tells about her experience after she had
been released form the concentration camp. She was arrested, she and herBe Happy:Develop a Forgiving Spirit
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the people were standing there shaking hands with her, this man was in
that line. He didn't recognize her but she recognized him. She knew that he
was the guard in ...

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