by Fred Lowery

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Be Happy:Love Yourself-You're Special

Phi 4:1 12/3/89AM

Do you like what you see in the mirror? Will Rogers toid about talking
to a young lady who told him that she thought she had an inferiority
complex. He said, no maam, you are inferior! She said, I want a second
opinion. He said, okay, you're ugly too! What people say to us can be
devastating. Self confidence is an interesting thing. It's a powerful thing.

You can put a 12 inch board on the ground and walk across it. No problem.
Raise that board twenty feet above the ground and walk across it. Big
problem. Why? Because of confidence. The bottom line in personal need,
is for each person to regard himself as worthy, as significant, a feeling
of personal significance is the most important element of personal happiness.
It is essential to your emotional, your social, your spiritual well being
you feel worthy, that you feel accepted, that you feel significant.
It's not what you are that holds you back, it's what you think you are!
You see our thinking pattern gets confused. So often we put ourselves
down and we don't feel good about ourselves and then that colors everything
that we do. And most of those things that we struggle with, it's not
because we can't do them. It's because we think we're not capable of
doing those things. Self image is your judgment of yourself. It is your
picture of yourself. It is your opinion of yourself.
By the way, what I'm saying this morning in talking about happiness -
and we're preaching a series entitled "Be Happy - Anybody Can".
I've read nearly a 150 books on happiness - about everything I can
find out there to be read about happiness. And I promise you that as
best as I can determine, the key thing that runs through everything
I Ive read about happiness, is this thing called self image.
And out of all the sermons that I've preached, not one is more important
than what I'm talking about this morning ...

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