by Fred Lowery

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Be Happy: Avoid the Counterfeit & the Cultic
Phi. 3:1-11

There was a piano player who played in the bar and he just played the
same old songs every night, night after night. For the s@e people in
the bar and he thought surely there is more to life than this. What's the
meaning of life? And so he just started asking everybody in the bar -
held just go around to people in the bar during his break and he would
ask people what is the meaning of life? Well most didn't know - they didn't
have the foggiest idea. And those who gave him answers gave him very
superficial answert. But he just kept asking people. One night he found
a guy at the bar who was zonked and he asked him, sir what is the meaning
of life? The guy said I don't know but I know who knows. The guy said
airight tell me. He said well it would take a lot of money and time but
if you're willing to put out the money and time and travel there - there
is a guru in India, in the Himilayan mountains that knows the meaning of
life. But if you'll go to him, he'll tell you the meaning of life.
Well the piano player went back to his piano playing for the next couple
of nights. i He finally said I can't go on this way - life has to have meaning.
And so he quit his job and he took all of his money and sold ever@thi'n' that
he had, got up all the money he could get and he made the long plane trip
to India. And then 700 miles by train, and then 400 more miles up into
the Himilayan mountains. Asking all kinds of peo'ple, searching for this
guru who had the answer to tKe meaning of life.
Finally, he made it to the man. And he said sir, by that time he was
literally worn out - his feet bleeding. He said, sir, I've come thousands
of miles. I've been told that you know that meaning of life. Would you
tell me the meaning of life? The guru iooked up at him and said life is
a fountain. The guy said, what? He said life is a fountain. He said
I've come thousands of m ...

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