by Fred Lowery

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Phil 2:19-20

..................... Meism. That is one of our curses in America. We've
been called the "me generation". What's in it for me? ... status, and
sophistication and snobbery, we have an "I'' problem. Big "I". The middle
letter in sin is "I". The middle letter in pride is "I". Like that little baby that
is so sweet and pure and innocent. And then you realize-it's got a selfish
problem. What does that baby do in the middle of the night? "I,.. 1. ., I.. 1. .!II
I want you to hurry up and come in here and if you don't, I'll keep you up
all night. Or do something else I can't mention up here. Why? Because the
baby is selfish. And they don't get better, they get worse. Selfishness.

And in talking about being happy, we must understand that happiness and
selfishness cannot exist together. And the more unselfish the happier
we are going to be. And the more selfish we are, the unhappier we are
going to be.
In South America, they catch monkeys by having a small jar that has a small
neck on it. They put a trail of nuts to the jar and the monkey will follow
that trail of nuts and then he will stick his paw or hand, down in that jar,
grab a f istful of those nuts, and then try to pull his hand out - and can't
get it out - but he will not turn loose of those nuts - and then they throw a net
over the monkey and the monkey is captured. Selfishness causes that monkey to be
in prison. And it's our own selfishness that causes us to imprison ourselves,
and to miss out on what life is really up to.
There was an editorial, a cartoon editorial that showed this huge monument,
and it was made like a pyramid with a point at the top and it had "I", "me"
"my" and "myself" in layers - and then around the borders of that there were
sta ...

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