by Fred Lowery

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Be Happy:Maintain a Positive Philosophy

11/5/89 AM

it's up to you to change your life when things go wrong. IT's up to you
to make it right. And God has given you the power to do it. And the
key is the mind. Battles are won and fought in the mind. Won or lost,
it's in. the mind. It's our attitude. Whatever happens to you in life,
whatever you do in life, whoever you are in life, is related to the mind,
to our attitudes. Attitude is the key to life. Whatever you're doing.
It's not what happens to you. It's what you think about what happens to
you. It's how you respond, how you react. I'm preaching a series on
Be Happy today, we're talking about Be Happy:Maintain - a Positive Philo@-ophy.

Positive thinking. But not just simplistic, positive thinking. Not superficial
positive thinking. But from a Biblical perspective. Two men looked
through prison bars, one saw mud, the other saw stars. The difference
in their thinking process, their attitude. Someone said you're not what
you think you are, but you are what you think. What you think about
all day long is what you really are as a person, and what you really are
right now, is simply a summation of all your thoughts. It's our thinking
that gets us in trouble.
Proverbs says it like this: As a man thinketh in his heart, so what? is he.
As we think, that's what we are. Attitudes are more important than facts.
It's what we think about life. It's what we think about our problems. It's
what we think about our relationships. It's how we perceive one another.
It's how we perceive problems. It's how we perceive opportunities.
Attitude makes the difference in whether we cope or collapse in life.

Remember when things go bad, you can change it. And God gives you the
power. But it's going to involve your mind. It's going to involve your
attitude. People are not disturbed by things. It's not events that mess us
up. It's how we respond to those things. Thos ...

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