by Fred Lowery

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One of my favorite stories is about a college boy who was up to win the state
track meet and he was in the race and everybody seemed to be ahead of him.
And then right toward the end of the race this young boy just took off like
fast around everybody and won the race. And so after the race was over,
you know the other runners got around him, and said we don't understand, I
mean we had you, you were behind us - and then all of a sudden you came flying
around us. We don't understand what happened - the boy said well I prayed.
I prayed. They said well you don't anything on us. We prayed too. It was
a Christian college. We prayed too. They said what did you pray? He said
Lord I prayed you'd pick them up av-4 I'll put them down. WEII the Bible teaches
that we are to be sermons in shoes. That with our lips and with our lives we
are constantly sharing the gospel of Christ and that we are , we are to represent
the good news in ( )? The only time we are disobedient is when we
are not sharing the witness. We don't have to get them saved. We don't need
to try to make them respond. We're just to plant those seeds - we're to give
that witness - we're to share our testimony and then God uses that to work
in people's lives and somebody else may come along and actually be the one
to close that person out and get that person to make that commitment. But
we're just responsible for sharing. the good news of what JEsus has done in
our life. Just tell what you have experienced, what you've seen, what youlve
heard, what you've felt about Jesus Christ and then to show in your life the
reality of Jesus on a consistent basis. So witnessing is show and tell. I mean
when my little girl was in kindergarten, it was a big thing to show and tell.
If you wanted to take something to school to show and tell. Well that's what
we're doing when we're witnessing. We're ...

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