by Fred Lowery

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And the title, tonight, is "Does God Want Your Money?" Does God want your
money and the answer to that is an unequivocal no. God owns the whole world,
God doesn't need your money or mine. It's not your money that He wants but
it's you that He wants. It's not the tithe, but the tither. IT's not the gift,
but the giver. It's not the possession, but the possessor. God wants you
and He wants me. In fact, in Corinthians, it's a beautiful passage on the
liberality of giving. They first gave themselves unto the Lord. That's the
fit-st step isn't it? They first gave themselves to the Lord. That's what the
Lord says, He says I want you. And again in 11 Cor. chapter 12, He says
I seek not yours but you. Not yours but you. So that's what the LOrd
wants in our life. He wants us to commit all that we have to Him. He wants
our heart and mind and soul. And the closer we get to the Lord, the more
committed we are to the Lord, the more giving takes care of itself. REally
we should never have to preach on money or giving. That should just
come automatically. Because as we get committed to the Lord then that
money comes. That's what I feel right now, in the life of our church, that
we at-e in the middle of revival and money is going to be ti-ie overflow of that
because you , you know you can tithe without loving, but you cannot love without
tithing. And when you just fall in love with the Lord and the closer you get
to Him, the more you love Him, the more giving is going to come out of that.
The Bible says that God is the source and supply of all of our income. That's
where it all comes from. The Bible says the earth belongs to God, the Bible
says the gold and the silver is His. Now I know some of you say well I
would like for Him to sell a few cows and give me the money, he owns the
cattle on a thousand hills, or turn in a little bit of goid and let me have
som ...

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