by Fred Lowery

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I'm convinced that most people want to do what's right, I'm talking about most
church people. Most Christian people. Most of you he-re tonight- dctwn &@
within you want to do what's right. You wouldn't be here tonight if you weren't
interested in doing what's right. And yet, how many times have you cried out
in frustration, "Lord, why can't I change?" "Why am I still battling some of
ti-ie old things over and over and over again?" How many of you have ever given
that cry? Now be honest, raise your hand, I'm going to raise mine. And I
was thinking about today. You know many many things in my life that I
have dealt with and I have prayed about and gotten concerned about and burdened
about that I was able to change. I'm 42 years old and I realize some things
I still battle today after 42 years. Some folks never lea,-ri do they? But I've
got a feeling that some of you may have some of the same temptations with you
still today.
That's that battle that keeps us so frustrated and these same old temptations
return to haunt us and to drag us down and we need to understand the devil
knows the weakest link in your character. In your personality, in your
temperament. He knows where you're the weakest and that's where he zeroes
in on you. So we need to be, or to know that the devil is out to get us. And
the devil wants to use this frustration to discourage us and to drag us down.
And we want to give up, well I'll never change. ANd many people go along
living beneath their privilege as a Christan saying well I'll never change, this
is as high as I'll ever get or I'll never conquer this or I just can't do it.
And some will even wonder, what's wrong with me? Maybe I'm not saved.
Cause if I were saved surely I could lick this one thing and the devil uses
this to cause us to doubt our own salvation.
First of ail , change is personal. Only you can change y ...

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