by Fred Lowery

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Do you have any trouble getting up in the mornings? I mean, it's amazing, I
think it has something to do with age. There was a time in my life when I just had
one motion. I mean, when the clock went off, in one motion my feet went off the
edge of the bed and I hit the floor and I would even get mad when the sun would
start down because I was not ready for the day to end because I had so much more
I wanted to do. But now, it's getting a little more difficult for me to get up and I
am addicted to what I scall a snooze alarm. I set the clock early so that it will
snooze. I really trick myself, because everytime it goes off and I hit the button,
I think I'm qettinq by with something and it will alarm and I will shut it off and I
will sleep a little more and I use to have a readio that would come on and that was
confusing because I would hear bits and pieces of the news and wake up thinking
the whole world was at war and we were in a big mess because I just got little bits
and pieces. But many people have many difficulty winnina the battle of the blankets.
And you'll not win the battle of the blankets from the underside, I mean, you've got
to get up. You just lie there and think about it and you'll never make it. You just
think of all kind of reasons why five more minutes would help, but it never is just
five minutes, I mean it will stretch right on out, so you've just got to get up. Get
up as soon as the alarm goes off and I found that a good way to do - now this will
seem absurd and ridiculous the first fifty times you do it - but after then it's going
to help you, it will help you all the time but you'll get to where you'll enjoy it -- as
soon as the alarm goes off and your feet hit the floor, just say, "rhis is a wonderful
day and I fell great. Thank you Lord and Lord please help me to glorify you today
in everything I think, say an ...

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