by Fred Lowery

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You know I love to be around new Christians, don't you? I just love to be
around new Christians because they are excited. You say, "Jesus is coming".
They say, "where, Where?". They are looking for him. It is amazing when some-
body first oets saved they cannot understand why they waited so long to get
saved. They don't understand why their friends don't get saved immediately.
They just want everybody to get saved and so you're probably experiencina
some of that excitement and some of that frustration. The Christian life, becoming
a Christian, is just the begii-ining. That salvation experience is not the end.
When you walk down an aisle in a church and accept Christ and pray that sentence
prayer that's not the end, that's the beginning. You have a lifetime to serve Jesus
and to grow up in the Lord. Your aoal is to become like Jesus Christ. Now that
will take a lifetime.
The Bible says one day we'll be as He is and until that time we are in the
process of becoming more like Jesus Christ. It is also a new beginning for Christians,
those who have come into our church by letter from some other 'Church by a statement
however you come into a church. You may be a seasoned Christian. Ithink that it
is a time for you to look back over your life, Whether or not you have a good exper-
ience or bad experience with your previous church, whether you were a good member
or a bad member, whether you were faithful or unfaithful, a tither or whatever you
were in the last church, now you have a new beginiiing. It is exciting to have a
new start, a new opportunity and to do it right. To serve God faithfully, to be a
part of a church, to get involved, so I think that everytime a person comes to a
church to join, even if its by letter or transfer of membership or by ...

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