JUST DO IT (10 OF 26)

by Fred Lowery

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Be Happy:Just Do It

"A person is not what he ought to be until he is
doing what he ought to be doing." Ben Haden

"It is never too soon or too late to start
doing what is right and best for your life."

"Do not merely listen to the word, and so decline
yourselves. Do what it says." James 1:22

"The road to happiness is paved with
good intentions"

"There is no best way. You are the designer
of your own cure - with God's help."

I just happens that I'm writing this chapter at a ski resort in Angel
Fire, New Mexico. I'm a beginner minus skier and today has been a
horrifying day. I had an hour with the ski instructor and got good
information, worked at it all day, ache all over, and still have not
conquered the "bunny slope".

Here is a ski exercise. Put both your feet in walking casts and walk
up seven flights of stairs; then throw your feet out from under you
and bounce all the way down the stairs; get up and put your head down
and run into the wall several times. Then have someone put ice down
your back. That exercise will give you the same sensation as learning
to ski.

Riding the ski lift, I kept thinking about this chapter, and
discovered an interesting analogy between problem solving and learning
to ski. First, you make a choice and decide to ski; second, you get
good information by taking ski lessons; third, you practice and
exercise tremendous discipline to get in control of yourself; fourth,
as you make your legs and body do what you want them to do, you gain
confidence. After getting in control and gaining confidence, the rest
is simply practice. This is true in solving any problem and achieving
personal happiness. The key is t ...

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