by Fred Lowery

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Be Happy:Accept Reality

I love the story about a guy named George who is the owner of an
apartment building. He was doing some brick work on the second floor
and had some bricks left over. Trying to figure out the best way to
get the bricks back on the ground, he spotted a 55 gallon drum and
knew that would do it.

He attached a pulley to the eave of the second floor. He got some
rope, tied it around the barrel, and using the pulley, he was able to
pull the barrel up to the second floor level. He then tied the rope
to a tree and went upstairs and filled the barrel with the bricks.
Returning downstairs, he untied the rope from the tree, forgetting
that the bricks weighed four times his own weight. So the bricks come
down and George goes up, but not without colliding with the bricks as
they pass in mi'd-air, injuring his shoulder, hip and kneecap. He then
bangs his head against the pulley and cracks his skull. Then the
barrel of bricks hits the ground so hard that the bottom falls out of
the barrel. Now the barrel weighs less than George, so George comes
down and the barrel goes up, colliding again in mid-air breaking his
nose and crushing the other side of his body. George lands on the
pile of bricks, yells to the top of his voice, and lets go of the
rope. Now the barrel weighs more than the rope and it comes down and
lands on top of George to finish the job. Next, we find George lying
in the hospital trying to decide if he should submit one accident
report or five? In one way or another, each one of us can identify
with this humorous story. Jixst when w@ tihirik we ...

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