by Fred Lowery

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Be Happy: Let Go of Your Past to.4Atst !eot, &j4 /et )# s dwatk
Phi 3:14
11 /26/89AM

I have some skeletons in my closet but before you begin throwing rocks -
or running to the telephones - I want you to know that you have skeletons
in your closet, there are no exceptions to that.
Oprah Winfrey seems so poised, so collected, so in control - so rich -
you would think that she just has always had it made - not so. The early
years of her life found her bouncing between feuding parents, farmed out
to a grandmother who often beat her - at age 9 she was raped by a 19 year
old cousin and thought she was pregnant. She chose to take charge of
her life when she could have spent her life with reseniment, and anger,
bitterness - she chose to accept the past for what it was and to go on
with her life. She chose to accept responsibility not for what happened
to her but for how she responded to what happened to her. And she
says if you live in the past and allow the past to define who you are - you
will never grow.
I think we could add to that you will never be successful. You would never
know happiness. Not in the Christian life. Or in any other realm of your
life. You must let go of the past. I don't know about you but it seems that
anytime I put somebody on a pedestal that pedestal self destructs. Even
with the spiritual leaders when you want to lift somebody up and say here
is a person that has it all together and is always that way and there are no
f laws. And all of a sudden ti-iat pedestal self destructs Why is that so?
I think God wants you and me to ki-iow there are no super saints. None.
Only struggling saints. You see we are sinners anonymous in this place
today. We are all sinners. We are all struggling We all have skeletons
in our closets. Basically in three categories. Secrets we fear will be exposed.
We've all got some of those. Failures and mistakes that we have made. We've
all got th ...

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