DON'T WORRY! (3 OF 26)

by Fred Lowery

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104 Be Happy:Don't Worry!

"Anxiety in the heart of a man weighs it down..."
Proverbs 12:25

It's no surprise that Bobby McFerrin went gold and hi t number one with
his- acappella ditty "Don't Worry Be Happy". Touching an international
nerve, his musical timing was absolutely perfect. Everyone i-s talking
about worry, stress, and burn out in our Age of Acceleration and the
song captures the conflict and struggle of life in the fast lane.
Such a life includes fifteen-hour workdays, home computers, car
phones, plane phones, overnight express mail, fast foods, fax machines
and thirty second pizzas. Using the easy rhythms of reggae, McFerrin
sets forth "A balm for o ur burn out" that "slower is better." Take
time to kick the leaves and smell the roses. If we don't worry, the
problem will soon pass. "Don't worry, be happyl" The quest;Lon
unanswered by McFerrin is how? That is what this chapter is about.

What is Worry?

Worry is often described as the official emotion of our age. We are
the "stressed out" society. In a recent nationwide survey, 42 percent
reported "worrying a lot." Most acknowledged spending at least 25
percent of their day moping fearfully, (Gannett News Service 1/15/89)
Americans are the most tense people in the world. We have
seventy-five percent of the world's material advantages and yet we
consume seventy-five percent of the world's supply of pain relieving
medicines and mind altering drugs. We are the uptight generation,
Our suicide rate is sky high.

Many doctors claim that most hospital beds could be emptied if we
could find an instant cure for fear and worry. A pill to prevent
worry would outsell every drug ...

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