by Fred Lowery

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Be Happy: Love Yourself

Do you know the surprise of searching and searching f'or something and
then to find what you are seeking in a totally unexpected place@ For
months in my personal quest for happiness, I had read ever-)r book I
could get my hands on in a determined effort to find the common thread
or master key that unwraps and unlocks the illusive happiness factor
in life.

With my psychological and biblical training as a point of reference, I
had expected to find that happiness is based, not on what happens to
you but on how you respond to what happens to you. And, of course,
there is a preponderance of evidence that happiness does indeed result
from -inward reality and not external circumstances. Therefore,
happiness is a choice since we are all free to respond appropriately
to inappropriate circumstances and conditions. Subsequently it is
possible to "Be Happy" in an unhappy environment. Anybody can!
However, to my surprise, this popular view of happiness is prematurely
step two in the process of happiness and erroneously presupposes a
good self-image. It is virtually impossible for positive thinking and
positive acting to stand alone. It is not a viable option to choose
happiness when at the very core of your being you view vourself to be
furidamenta'L'Ly ,@ro.-.g a& a person an@l therefore tinworthy and undeserving,
of happiness. This puts the "cart before the horse". Positive
self-talk or action that merely masks a negative self-image leads only
to further frustration and even a greater degree of discouragement and
unhappiness. Likewise, positive affirmations and actions toward you
that masks a poor self-image ...

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