by Fred Lowery

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Be Happy:You are Loved

"The biggest obstacle anyone has to overcome
is their own attitude about themselves."

Recently, I read a story about a psychiatrist in San Francisco who
meets every other week with men who are dying from Aids, On a given
day, she entered one of those weekly meetings and was surprised to see
one of the men looking really different. He had a radiant face and
even a faint smile and she could not understand because this man was
dying and the disease had so disintegrated his body that he literally
had holes in his face. Puzzled, she went over to him and said,
"Something has happened to youl What is it@" He said, "Let me tell
you about it. When I became a homosexual, I knew that it would break
the heart of my family and my parents would never have grandchildren to
love or a daughter-in-law to love. I knew the unbearable hurt I would
bring to my family and so I decided to just disappear. Last week, I
decided to call my parents and my mom answered the phone. I told her
that I was a very sick man and that I was dying from Aids. I told her
that I wanted to come home and see them one more time. Mom said,
"S4on, come home - we'll be waiting for you". When I got home and
knocked on the door, mom opened the door. I knew that she had to be
so shocked by the horrible way I looked, but she never dave any
indication of shock. She just reached out and grabbed me and hugged
and kissed me and said, "Son, I love you with all my heart." At that
moment I knew I had experienced unconditional love and now I am ready
to die." The powerful truth is that man, without love, is not ready
for life or death.

Once we brought into our home a little five ...

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