by Fred Lowery


A Problem or Not?

Is violence a problem in our school systems today or not? This is a very
Important question, and the answer is yes. Violence has increased dramatically in the
past fifty years. It is no longer statistics, it now affects each one of us in some way or
another. Violence is on the rise in America, and todays children are
caught in its path.

In the 1940's, the main problems teachers faced were talking out of turn, chewing
gum, running in the halls and littering. Now they face drug and alcohol abuse,
Pregnancy, Suicide, rape, robbery and assault. Fifty years has come and gone, and with it
went the control of violence in our schools. In grades eight through twelve alone, twenty-
five percent of the students carry a weapon. If we let the violence continue, that figure
will double or even triple within the next few years to come. Violence is a growing
problem in schools today.

Guns have become as familiar as bookbags to students. It has been proven that 1 in 5 students carry a weapon of some sort. A national crime survey showed that three million shootings occur in one year in or near school. T ...

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