by Fred Lowery

PRO 22:6 Teach a child to choose the right path, and when he is older, he will remain upon it.

1.1 Million teenagers get pregnant each year.

Good News based on 3 year research with 7000 7th to 10th graders who were virgins when first questioned.

1.Parents can make a big difference in determing whether your teenager becomes sexually active.

Positive parental influence is stronger than peer pressure

2.Even if your teenager has been sexually active you can have a greater positive influence on the future sexual behavior than might be predicted by their history.

3.Influence of church involvement is virtually as important as your own influence as a predictor of sexual activity.

Kids who say their faith is important and attend church regularly are much less likely to engage in sexual activity.

Doubles your impact as a parent.

Youth program your teenager is excited about - even if you have to change churches.

4.Degree to which your teenager is consciously thinking about the future increases the odds of not wanting to become sexually involved out of fear those long term goals will be threatened.

These four factors combine to create higher values.

1.Parental sexual values

2.Parental influence

3.A teen's faith

4.Future orientation

Good news: If you can add 3 more things to the above 4, you can reduce the odds of a teen's losing his/her virginity to less than 5%.

Indirect influence on these 3 areas
1.Peer environment
2.Dating one person steadily or not
3.Whether drinking or not.

Normally - 50% are likely to lose their virginity in a given year. Ten times greater

Common Sense
Common Sense convictions
Common Sense assertions
Always feel free to make

Remember in 1990, 54% of 11,600 students had lost their virginity but 45.8% were still virgins.

Government funded 5000 family planning clinics with 2 billion between 1971-81 giving free condoms and birth control pills (many clinics near schools)
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