by Fred Lowery

October 7, 1993

The Plus 10% Principle (Barrie Richardson)

Get extraordinary results from ordinary people

Theme:All are gifted with creative and intellectual capacities, but we usually are not called on to fully use them.

Successful organizations have one thing in common: - They establish an environment in which ordinary people are encourage to give their best effort.

The difference between being ordinary and extraordinary is not a huge increment, but only a small amount.

High performing organizations enter the winner's circle not by superhuman achievement but by doing 10% better in significant areas.

The difference between a guy batting 250 and 350 is that he gets to base 1 out of 10 times more. He is just 10% better but get paid 300% more.

There is only a hair's difference between success and failure. Most people are so close to success but don't know it.

Most people tend to depreciate their own abilities.
Most are intimidated by machines and/or other people
Most denigrate their abilities.
The average person is a gifted person.

Leaders need to find metaphors that summarize their goals, aspirations and philosophy.

Once we understand the immensity of our own capacity and the power of our imagination, then we are ready to lead.

The difference between leaders and non-leaders os that leaders make
hard decisions. Hard decisions always cost.

If you need your people, you will never make the hard decisions. We are not talking about love. You must love them. But if you need their approval and affirmation you will not make the hard decisions. You will lose people, income, and often have to take steps backward before you can move forward.

The "And then some" principle
Successful people do their jobs and then some. They do what is expected and then some.

e.g. Rebecka - i'll not only give you water, I'll get water for your camels. Took her 2 1/2 -3 hours to water his camels.

Successful people and organiz ...

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