by Fred Lowery

Dr. Fred Lowery
January 16, 1994
Giving: Does God Trust Me?
Well I have preached all over the world but I have never had to follow
anything just like that. A lady inherited a lot of money and was a
little aggorant about it. And she was giving her husband a hard time.
She said, honey if it were not for my money we wouldn't drive that
cadilliac. A few minutes later she said if it were not for my money we
wouldn't even have this house; he was sitting over there watching
television. She said if it were not for my money we wouldn't have that
big screen television you are watching. He raised up and he said, "
Honey if it were not for your money I wouldn't be here. A man went to
see the fortune teller and ask him about his life and the fortune teller
said you are going to be poor and unhappy until age 37. He said what is
going to happen then, am I going to be rich and happy. No. You will
still be poor but you will be use to it. Now most of us can identify
with that. I want to tell you about a story that I want you to listen
very carefully. The meaning of it packs a punch. Here is a story of
man who went around the country telling his testimony. He told how he
had 20 dollars and that it is all that he has to his name and became a
multi millionaire. The people would applaud and he would encourage them
to do the same thing. And all across America he would give that speech
and he became wealthy and wealthier. Selling his tapes and books of how
he gave $20 in the offering plate and became a millionaire. And then
God blessed him. Well he was in one town and was giving that speech and
a lady raised her hand and said sir can I ask you a question. He said
sure go ahead. Now let me get this straight, you only had $20 and you
put the $20 in the offering plate, everything that you had and then God
blessed you multi millionaire, rich and famous and he said that is
right. Now you tra ...

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