by Fred Lowery

Giving: It's a Matter of Trust

Dr. Fred Lowery

January 9, 1994


Giving is the key to living. Then trust is the key to giving. Remember last week we raised the issue of trust. And we gave two vital questions: #1 Do I trust God? #2 Does God trust me. Now today we are going to look at this first question, Do I trust God? Oh it is easy to say, all of us say we trust God. But I want you to know that it is a lot harder to trust him than it is to say you trust him. It is one thing to say it. It is quite another thing to do it. And we all come to the place in life where we ask the question, if I give God my family, my finances, my future, can he really handle it. If I give God everything about my life. If I give him my time, if I give him my challenge, if I give him my treasures can he handle what I give him, or will he mess up my life. Will he wreck my life? Can I trust him. You see, we all come to a line, a commitment line. All believers come up to this commitment line and we decide whether or not we are going to cross that line. Now by crossing that line we are saying yes I trust God with everything. Or when we come up to that line, we hesitate and we get weak hearted or weak kneed and we back away from that line and by backing away we are saying no I will not trust God. Everyone of us has been to that line. What I want you to understand this morning is that it is at this line by crossing over the line of commitment. By saying yes God I do trust you. I trust you with my time, my talents, my treasures, my family, my finances, my future. If we cross that line to trust God at that moment we begin to grow spiritually. We begin to develop our spiritual gifts and we begin to move toward our maximum potential of our Christian life. And we also discover fulfillment and joy. You see the reason many people sit in church pews week after week they are dillussioned and distrusted with church, God and chrisitanity is because they stepp ...

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