by Fred Lowery

November 21, 1993
Dr. Fred Lowery
All the people said Amen. Thank Johnny and Deanna. Thank you for being with us. And we are glad you are here. Let me just say a word before I began the message about casino gambling. I got a feeling it is coming. But we still are trying to control it anyway we can. I brought a book out here one Sunday about the Bennign family and an incredible book that tells the inside story about casino gambling period. And unfortunately we were not able to do anything about this particular family, this Horseshow Entertainment group. And the state police are dealing with it tomorrow. They just got fined a million dollars in September for 926 violations in Las Vegas. The history in this family is unbelievable with tax evasion and unalleged murders, bombings, charges of beating up customers and money laundering, and a thousand other things. So if you want to call down there if you can through the State Police Riverboat Gambling 504-922-2155. And Bennigan Horseshow. That is what is going to happen in Bossier City if they get approved. I may go to Baton Rouge tomorrow myself. But we are trying to still stop it. Unfortunately, the only consideration has been money. In fact channel 3, I got upset this week about listening to stories in the tune to Mississippi. And the money solved all the problems. Ladies and gentlemen that is a lie. Money does not solve the basic problems of mankind. It may look that way a few weeks, a few months, even a few years, but the end result is not that. It is not only Louisiana, this whole nation has been sucked into all of that. This last weekend we were in Mobile Alabama and then we drove to Alexandria. Driving up that highway, Interstate 10 one billboard after another. I turned to Leigh and asked her, "How many boats are out here already. Just one after the other advertising riverboats in that part of the country. I don't know where it all going to end but I think the long term resul ...

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