by Fred Lowery


Don Baker seemed like the type of person who would be immune to feelings of discouragement, depression and despair. His marriage was solid, his family loving, his work rewarding and his church supportive.

Yet into an intense and sunless depression Don fell. In his book on depression he tells about his irrational and angry outbursts. To his wonderful wife, Martha, he said, "I think I want a divorce. I don't care what happens to you. I don't care what happens to the family. I don't care what happens to the church!

From the sinkhole of depressioncan spew the most senseless, irrational, angry words. "Depression speaks a foreign language at times. It draws foolish conclusions."

Danny Gray: For the past two years has battled depression. Pastoring a thriving church, full of young couples and incredibly supportive - a wonderful family - yet a dark cloud has covered his life and paralyzed him. A few Sundays ago, they found him locked in his study, with the light off staring at the wall.

It is easier to understand the senseless remarks of Solomon as he spews out irrational thoughts, reaches foolish conclusions and paints a dark and hopeless picture of life - to know that he is depressed and angry withgod and with life.

In Chapter 6, he is about as down and dejected as he can get.

Ecc. 6:1
I have seen another evil under
the sun, and it weighs heavily on men.

"another evil" - focussing on what's wrong.

"under the sun" - Life without God, secular humanism

"weighs heavily on men - sounds like depression.

Ecc 6:2
God gives a man wealth, possessions and honor, so that he lacks nothing his heartdesires, but God does not enable him to enjoy them and a stranger enjoys them instead. This is meaningless, a grievous evil.

Appears to be a self-portrait

2 Chron. 1:11-12
God said to Solomon, "Since this is your heart's desire and you have not asked for wealth, riches of honor, nor for the death of you ...

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