by Fred Lowery

Fred Lowery

Its that living together afterward thats difficult.

Women tend to marry men like their fathers - that's why so many mothers cry at weddings.

I married for money and after living with that bad dude for 20 years, I would have done better
if I had gone to the bank and borrowed the money.

God created man - backed away and looked at him and said I can do better than that, so he created

78 year old man married a 28 year old woman. His doctor told him, "Don't you know that could be
fatal!" Replied the man, "Well, if she dies, she dies."

God created the heavens and earth and rested. God createdman and rested. God created woman and
since then neither God nor man has rested.

I didn't marry you for your looks. I married you for your brains. It is the little things that
count. Verbalize and vitalize your marriage with the little things.

Where would you men be if it were not for us women? Back in the garden.

I saw this guy the other day in the cemetery. He was hugging a tombstone and crying. Sobbing,
he was saying things like "why did you have to die, why couldn't you live - if you had only lived!
I said, as I put my arm around him to console him - one of yourrelatives? No, it's my wife's first

Reason God made man first is that he didn't want any advice on how to make him.

Why never married? Rather go through life wanting what I don't have than having what I don't want.

Marriage means three things
Engagement Ring
Wedding Ring

If men are God's gift to women, God must believe in gag gifts

Adam was lonely
Described what he wanted andneeded to God. And God said that will cost you an arm and a leg.
Well, what can I get for a rib.

Marriage is in Trouble
50% breaking up
80% if income is over 50,000
Every 37 seconds: divorce granted. Over one million divorcees a year.
Runaway wife syndrome
10 years ago - 600 men walked ...

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