by Fred Lowery

By Dr. Fred Lowery:
Alright we're moving toward friend Sunday and that's Hallowean and we've got to move to get folks here. We've got to work to get the folks here Do you understand that? (music) Jeff we're going to cut one of your arms off. The other Sunday his elbow hit that button up there, we're going to removed one of your limbls up there. Friend Sunday that's what I was talking about before we had that other song. 2211, that's what the bulletin says. I want you to know that is a shimpy goal. And we're going to fly pass that and we need to have 3,000 people here and that's what i'm working toward, I've already got my friends. I've already got my friends, about 5 friends committed and i'm working on 25, i'm going to try and have 25 friends here on friend Sunday. So if everybody brings a friend, we're going to have 3,000 people here on that Sunday. Now Sunday School Leadership, your suppose to have your friends today. If y ou are a Sunday School Leader and you have frends already sign up and ready to come, I want you to stand up. If youlie, i'm telling you something,they will be carring people out of here. Remember that Anasis Sapphire. Don't lie! If you haven't got your friend, you still got a little time, which you suppose to have today. If your a Sunday Leader and you got your friend, stand up all across the building. Alright, I see why your goal is 2200. Alright, are they in the next service, is that where the Sunday School Leaders are. We are going to do this again. We're going to find out about this, because they are our Sunday School Leaders. And so Staff, we're doing it. Sunday Leadership you suppose to have a friend today or have a friend before sundown. Get your friends here and because we're going to give everybody a chance in fact if you hadn't got on e of these things in the mail, Ushers do we have some more of these? And Just pass them down the row in case someone hasn't gotten ...

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