by Fred Lowery


October 10, 1993

For the Sake of the Call Part II

Dr. Fred Lowery

I figure if I preach on deacons for about two more weeks we can call off Sunday night altogether. I am telling you I came out here tonight and I said, Who called off this thing. But finally after some of you are slowly coming in tonight and after letting the choir go down but there is still places where you can just lie down and take a nap if you need to. So Scott, where are you? If you have an opportunity to preach a series on deacons, you ought to pass it up. But if you want to know what kind of letters that make my week, my month, let me read you one. Dear Fred, Wow, I know how Peter must have felt trying to get out of the boat. This check is my tithe. I have been one of those who has set for years and soaked up all the blessings of this wonderful church and not give anything back. God will not let me go or leave me alone any longer. It is with many tears and sorrow that I write this letter because the great truth that was told me years ago is finally made it into my heart. That is God will never use a lie to teach the truth. It is powerful. God will never use a lie to teach thetruth. For years I have tried to be a teacher, but how can I teach the great truths of God when I am disobedient to his own word in life. I have sinned against God and at the same time hindered your work and the work of this great church. I am sorry, please forgive me. I sense a great excitement at First Bossier that hasn't been there for a great while. I feel great things are about to happen and I know you are headed in the right direction. Satan is real, I know. As soon as I wrote this check, the doubts start, because I see in front of me through me, the bills. But I stand on God's promise to care for me and the Lord's command not to worry. My faith is strong today and that is all that is needed. Please know while I am not a very demonstrative person that I love you deeply and s ...

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