by Fred Lowery

October 10, 1993 a.m.
October 10, 1993

Book of Ecclesiastes

Dr. Fred Lowery A.M.
I want you to remind you of High Attendance Sunday, Friend Day, that is Halloween and we have asked the staff and find a friend and get them signed up and so all these represent the Friends of our Staff that have committed to come and that is just the beginning. We need to get our wives to make sure they bring a friend. We need to get the secretaries in the office and make sure they bring a friend. We got to get going with this thing. We can't cruise and we got to get everyone bringing a friend. And we want to be the leaders. I have got the mayor, the sheriff, the police chief. But I am thinking about trying to get 25 who will come and I will just teach a Bible Study class. We will have just a one Sunday School class. I am going to try to round up about 25 or 30 for Friend Day. But that is because I believing we are going to have the biggest crowd that we have ever had in the history of this church. But you don't coast into that folks. You understand that. If you understand that shake your heads this way. We have got to get serious about bringing a friend. I mean I want everybody to bring a friend. We would hope that out of that many of them will be prospects and people could be won to Christ and join the church. But what I want you to understand is to bring is a warm body. If you have to get a cousin or aunt or somebody that owes you money. I don't care what you have to do, I want you to get a body here, alright. That is your responsibility. You say pastor is counting on me to get somebody to Bible Study on Halloween Sunday. So I am counting on you to do and we want you to know that we are leading out and we have our friends commited and you are going to hear Sunday School teachers and church leaders. We are going to count on you to be ready with your friends. Our Men's Bible Study on Monday night. And so if you are not a part of that, it is at 8:00 ...

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