by Fred Lowery

For the Sake of the Call
Fred Lowery
Sept. 26, 1993

The church as imperfect as it is, is still God's church.
It's here to stay. And God will one day call it to
himself. Now! I'm taking the next 2 or 3 sermons to talk
about Deacons and the crowd tonight is kind of interesting.
Because evidently didn't want to hear about Deacons. And I
take risks, when I narrow something down like that, because
it gives people an excuse to miss something like that.
They say, well I'm not going to be a Deacon or don't really
care whether or not I know about Deacons or whatever. But
I'm glad you're here, because I'm doing this because I
believe you need to know where I'm coming from.

My background, when I was a kid growing up in a Baptist
Church, I wanted to grow up and be a Deacon. I didn't ever
want to be a preacher, I just wanted to be a Deacon. I
wanted to be a good Deacon. I wanted to be one who was an
asset to the church and a blessing to the Pastor. A Deacon
who ministered. My best friends are Deacons. Have been
through the years. God has blessed me with Deacon friends
literally all over America. And God still uses those men
in my life. When I did what I did last Sunday night, I
walked out of this place last Sunday night as I do many
times and probably the loneliest man in town.
Congregations have a way of just looking at you. You're
not sure what they're thinking or what the response is
going to be. But of course we had a tremendous response to
the invitation last Sunday evening. Had a great response
to Monday night on visitation. But I left lonely because,
you know I think I wanted some of our men to say, "Pastor,
we know you're headed to where we need to head. We're
praying for you. We love you. We're standing behind you.
So Monday I resign every Monday anyway. So Monday was a
typical day to resign. Then I pick back up on Tuesday and
I'm going to try it another week.

But I ...

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