by Fred Lowery


SF1044 PM

I want to thank you for coming tonight. Its a petty good crowd.. We had in the building this morning, in the first service was basically full. Bottom floor and the3 balcony loosely full. Second service, bottom floor was loosely full and a few in the balcony. So let's find out who is here tonight. If you are a Sunday school teacher, would you stand up? All right! Good, thank you. You be seated. Now if you are a Sunday School Director, would you stand up? All right!. Thank you. You be seated. If you are a leader or some other worker in the class, would you stand up? Out reach leaders. All right! SUPER! Awana people would you stand up? Leadership and Awanas. Alright! Let's get crank up, is it tonight when that got crank! Greeters, how many are Greeters stand up? ALL Right! GOOD; How many of you are Ushers? (laughter) I'm just glad to see you excited. All right, Good! Thank you. Now what else. Bus workers on the bus ministry. Allright, SUPER! Thank you be seated. If you work in the pre-school areas, children's area, you stand up. (laughter) How many in the Choir. That's a good group. How many work in the youth area. NO! Not how many Youth. Katie! How many work in the youth area? First, Good. Now how many youth are here. Teenagers: Alright good. (clapping) How many have been a Deacon somewhere along All the Deacons. All right ! Good. College! All right! If you work witty the college area, stand. All right, Super! If you're in the college group, please stand ? Would you do that? All right! Mission organizations. How many of those are here tonight? You stand up? The mission organizations. Leadership or members of it. W.M.Y. All right , thank you. (clapping) Now what I want to do tonight is,we're at a crossroads. I think as a church, we have some choices to make. A lot of good new tonight and a little bad news with all the good news cones bad news. The good news is, ...

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