by Fred Lowery

An Overview of Ecclesiastes
Bungy Jumping: I don't know how old the guy , but he look like
Society Security number might have been 2. White hair and five
generations were watching, so he has to have been old, old man.
Hundred and seventy feet then that sudden stop. No doubt , when that
was over he thought, well what can I try next to get that thrill. To get
that experience that's going last and last and last and last. Isn't it silly
that most of us spend our lives looking for something we can't find.
Thinking somewhere out there is some experience , some thrill,
something that is going make us into a different person and just will
have wonderful feelings everyday the rest of our lives. You most
people just need a good dose of reality . What if you had brains, more
than anybody else. Men, listen to men, what if you were smarter than
any other man in the world. I Know some of you thing you are, but
you're not. But what if you had more brain power than any other man
in the world? What about bucks, what if you had more bucks than
anybody else in the whole world? Babes, what if you had more women
than any other man in the whole world? Would that make you happy?
What if you could go anywhere that you wanted to go? What if you
could do anything that you want to do. What if you could buy anything
you wanted to buy? Have anything you wanted to have? I'm talking
about anything. Would that make you happy? Some of you are
thinking, I think it would. It's like Joe Lewis said , you know I don't love
money, but it sure does quiet my nerves. But, the only thing that is
wrong with that statement , that's funny but its not true. What would it
take to make you happy? There's a man in the Bible by the name of
Solomon who had all of that. The wisest man in the world, the riches
man in the world. He had everything that anyone could want, fame,
fortune, fooling around , he did it all. Pr ...

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