by Fred Lowery


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Living Life Upside down
FULLFILL ALL YOUR FANTASIES: How much would it take to fulfill all your fantasies? Think about it, how much pleasure would it take to fulfill all your fantasies. About the men, if you had women to rub your back, your feet, women who would cook constantly, which is a raridy in our part of country. Your favorite meal is always there, always avaiable . Fix your bath or shower, what ever you are going to do. Just take care of every need that you had. Keep your shoes shine, and you had men to chaddy for you. Now only that , but keep your goff clubs shine. Any time you travel, you had a tourage of men and women servants who just every need that you had. BOW! they took care of it. For the sexual needs in your life you had a group of Miss American's. You See Solomon has access to the most beautiful women in the world. You had 50 Miss American's that take care of those fiscal needs. Could anything that you wanted to do . Would that make you happy, what would it take to make you happy. Or the women, how much pleasure would to take to fulfill your fantasis. Have somebody cleaned the house all the time, just stay perfect. Doall the cooking , you don't have to sweat it. Do all your nails daily, your hair, your makeup daily. Rub your shoulders, scratch your back, whatever. Fix your bath, bubble bath, fix it just for you. All you got to do is get in it. Even help you in it. And MEN, BODY BUILDERS, many men as you wanted, any time you wanted them. And men you'd have, you know some of men would just be assigned to listen to you. (laughter) Twenty Fours a day, you got a m ...

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