by Fred Lowery


Living for the Right Now

Thank you Jack and Laura. They did that on a Sunday night a couple of weeks ago and I wanted you to hear it because some of you don't make it on Sunday nights and that is the kind of thing we do on Sunday nights right? So you ought to be here on Sunday nights. I didn't want you to miss that wonderful song they did just a great job with it. And God cried. Couldn't you imagine this? An interview with Jesus Christ on this earth by a man named Elvis Presley. Now I don't think you will hear anything about Elvis this week, but possibly, but can you imagine of Elvis wanting to see Jesus, If Jesus were available, I can imagine that. And lets say that he got an appointment to see Jesus and he simply asked Jesus the question? Teacher, what must i do to inherit internal life? And Jesus said , Elvis you got to sell your cadillac and your jets and pack everything you have and give it to the pour. What do you thing Elvis would have done? Would he have said no problem, or would he have sadly walk away. because he had many possessions. You see there's not anything wrong with having thing things, the problem is that things usually get us. That why Jesus says its so hard for rich people to get to heaven, because riches have a way of getting a hold of us. You see if Christianity and religion were syonymous, it might be a problem, but Christianity is not a religion. Religion is all the things that human beings try to do get right standing before God. The summation of everything man thinks up and tries to do, to get right standing before God. The summation of everything man thinks up and tries to do to get right stand before God, that's religion. Christianity says there's not any way we can ever get right standing before God except through Jesus Christ. Jesse Sharp was a guy who wasn't very sharp. He got the idea that he could get in a small boat like a canoe deal and could go over Niagara Falls "horseshoe falls" and s ...

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