by Fred Lowery

SF1033 BReaching Our City

June 27, 1993
Dr. Fred Lowery
Acts Ch. 16
Let me give you a principle that we go by as a church that is in my heart that I hope is in your church. It is a biblical principle. It is our philosophy of evangelism. We exist for those not yet reached. We exist for those not yet reached. Lets say that together. We exist for those not yet reached. But I tell you something, it is easier to say that than it is to try to reach them. It is easier to believe than do it. You see if that is not our philosophy then we dry up and die as a church. And there are hundreds of churches all across America that is dead as last year's bird nest. Over 7,000 Southern Baptist Churches don't baptize anybody all year. Thousands more baptize 5 or less. So the moment we turn inward and believe we are in business to minister to one another and to socialize we are out of business as far as the kingdom is concerned. You see without the gospel being priority, the church is a corpse. It is the gospel thatgives and produces life in the church. Unless people are being witnessed to and saved consistently there is no real life in the church. We exist for those not yet reached. That is why we do something like have a power team come in, go to the crusade, go to the stadium, that is why we do something a little differently. That is why we pull out the stops and try to get you praying and fasting and reaching the Bible, and turning in 10 people you are praying for. Because we believe we exist for those not yet reached. We also believe there is no one too hard for the gospel to penetrate. They are reachable. Reachable people. You would be surprised that people you think are unreachable are still reachable. I was in a meeting in Oklahoma; I was going up there to do a revival meeting in a little tiny town in Oklahoma. The pastor wrote me a letter said I know that you requested that you speak in the schools. The schools are closed to any religi ...

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