by Fred Lowery

SF1033How To Solve Personal
Problems Through Prayer May 30, 1993
A.M. Service
Dr. Fred Lowery
Right now you either have a problem, you are a problem or you live with a problem. So that is why we want to talk about how to solve your problems through prayer. And I just want to be realistic with you about life. Life is kind of like 10-80-10. 10% of life is absolutely horrible. Now you are just going to have some horrible experiences before your life is over and if you haven't just get ready for it. We think that everybody else has a better deal. Not so, about 10% of everybody's life is the pits. The other side about 10% is absolutely wonderful. Fantastic. The 80% is just normal living, up and down. Struggles, problems, good days, bad days. That is a realistic picture about life and all of us have to fit in to that. So all of have problems. So let me give you the normal approaches, three basic approaches and all three of them are not good approaches. I call it zap, nap and snap. And this is simple, isn't it? I mean you can get this, this is notdifficult. It is not nearly as difficult as getting the ring out of the sound system. Zap. We want God to fix us. We want God to zap us spiritually so we walk a little above the carpet. And we kind of float through life having chill bumps all the time and never have any problems. You would be surprised at how many people want to live at that level and they want God to do it all. God you zap me spiritually so I won't have any of these troubles or problems. The other approach is nap. You got problems that you just don't want to deal with, you want to deny those problems, you want to sleep, you want to go to bed and sleep and wake up in the morning and the problems will be gone. Others of you want to just snap out of it. And you want God to snap you out of it. God just snap me out of this. God snap this problem fixed. Most of us want God to do whatever he is going to do by Sunday at least. ...

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