COL 3:12-14

by Fred Lowery

March 7, 1993
Dr. Fred Lowery AM
Col 3:12-14

Linus was talking to his philosopher friend, Charlie Brown and Linus said, You know I guess we ought not to worry about yesterday or tomorrow. We ought to concentrate on today. Charlie Brown said, no that is giving up. He said, I'm still hoping yesterday will get better. I think a lot of us feel that way, somehow if our yesterdays could get better and the good news is they can through Jesus Christ. If we could just understand the concept of forgiveness, you talk about getting freed up and understanding real joy, inner joy, it comes from understanding unconditional forgiveness in our heavenly Father, Jesus Christ. There was a Catholic priest in the Philippines, a much loved man of God. And in his past he had committed a sin, that he was very sorry for and repented of; but he was a burden to it. And in the Philippines, in his ministry to it, there was a Godly lady in the church who came to the priest and said I been having these visions and Jesus actually talks to me in these visions. And so the Catholic priest thought he would test her out. So he said, "This next time you have a vision and you talk to Jesus I want you to ask Jesus a question. I want you to ask him, what sin your priest committed while he was in seminary. The lady said, well okay. So the next week she came back to church and the priest said, well did you have a vision. She said, yes I did. He said well did you talk to Jesus. Yes I did. Well did you ask him what sin your priestcommitted in seminary. She said yes. He said, well what did he say. She said He said, I don't remember. And that is the true of forgiveness. Our Lord who says not only does he forgive, but he forgets. Buries them in the deepest sea. Never to bring them up again. Ladies and Gentleman when someone brings up forgiven sins, it is always the devil, never our Lord. As you know my father passed away about six weeks ago now and his last words are still lingering ...

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