by Fred Lowery

MARCH 15, 1993
But it is based on obeying the Heavenly Father. A God who knows we are only pilgrims here. Then we have eternity. That good night here is simply good morning there. Giving up those we love is always difficult. It was so for Jesus and we hear him from the cross taking care of responsibilities and obligations. There is a promise in Matthew Chapter 19 I want to read to you. It is one of my favorite passages because God has worked through this passage in my life in so many ways. But in the 19th Chapter of Matthew Vs. 29., and everyone who has left houses, or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life. God is simply saying that He never asks us to give up anything but that he gives us something better in his place. God will never be in our debt. And if you and I could see the whole picture this morning we would know that God has been better to us than we ever deserve to know or even could imagine. He always has our best interest at heart. Nobody else but God could say that. Never a doubt. He always wants what is best for you and me. But that verse says if you have to give up, if God asks you to give up family and friends then he will give you a hundred fold, a hundred times that many friends and families. God has done that in my life over and over and over. Ihad an unusual situation several years ago and I was offered a million dollar contract and I said to this group of businessmen my friends are worth more than a million dollars. To turn my back on my God is unthinkable, to turn my back on my friends is unthinkable. Money is not worth it. I think the greatest asset in my life is simply the friends God has given me across this country. That is his promise. I left home and went into school, to the preaching ministry. Leaving home is always difficult. I will never forget that day ...

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