by Fred Lowery

Peacemakers or Troublemakers
Dr. Fred Lowery A.M.
If we to classify members on this basis that either you were a peacemaker or a troublemaker where would
you fit it. Would you be a peacemaker or a troublemaker. Let me take that a step further. If you are not a
peacemaker then you are troublemaker. You probably saw the news this past week. I don't know about
you, but I felt something in my gut when I saw the World Trade Center, the panic of those people, where the
bomb had gone off. They think at this point and time it was a bomb, five people killed, thousand injured,
two missing. What a tragedy. Isn't it interesting reading in the paper, 19 different terrorist groups have
tried to claim credit for it. And they are trying to determine who to give credit for this terrible bombing.
And that is the country that we live in. That terrorist organizations are trying to destroy human life. They
said it had something to do with the former Republics of Yukosolvia and the UN trying to mediate and keep
those people from fighting. Supposedly the cold war is over, but is our world at peace. We have a truce
with Iraq, a cease fire. But is that problem over. No. It is not over. Have we settled anything? No. Is our
world really at peace at all. No, never has been, never will be. The United Nations began in 1945 and the
purpose of the United Nations this peace keeping organization, so that future generations would be able to
live at peace and we wouldn't have to deal with this thing called war. There has not been a peaceful dayin
the world since the UN was formed back in 1945. I read where in 4,000 years of history we have only had
300 days of peace. And the Bible says that is the kind of world that we live in now and that we will
continue to live in. Today with our finest legal system we have more lawyers than people in America and
yet there is no peace. The Education system, we have never had access ...

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