by Fred Lowery

February 7, 1992 A.M.

What is the meaning of Life?
Fred Lowery

How many opportunities, how many unique things that we have had available to us
in this country. What great opportunities! What great pleasures and when you
read the surveys you will find that today in America people believed that 50
years ago we were actually happier. As far as things that mattered we had things
better 50 years ago. Because of technology and all of the things that are
available to us today we are still not happy. We are filled but we are not
fulfilled. We are gratified but we are not satisfied. Barbara Striesand has a
song that talks about staying too long at the fair and it is a story of a little
girl that stays all day long at the fair. But it is more than that, the deeper
meaning involves those who live their lives chasing thrills, living for the
moment, living for pleasure and then when it is all over having nothing to show
for it. A part of that song says the merry go round is beginning to taunt me.
Have I stayed too long at the fair? There is nothing to win and nobody to want
me, have I stayed too long at the fair? I think the realistic look at America
is to say we have stayed too long at the fair. We are not happy and our lives
are empty. But it is a great opportunity for Christians because the world is
hurting and the world feels empty and unfulfilled and we and we alone have the
answer. Because there is no answer outside of Jesus Christ. There was a man
playing a piano at the bar. Night after night he played that piano. He got to
thinking, surely there is more to life than this. Night after night the
samepatrons, the same people, and here I am playing this piano, the same songs.
So he got to thinking about surely there is more to life than this. So he
started asking people. What is the meaning of life? And the various people he
would ask would say I don't know. Man they were clueless. We don't have a ...

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