by Fred Lowery

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The Drift Factor - Part 2 (2 of 2)

Has there ever been a time in your life, when you were closer to
God than you are right now? If I were to ask you to describe your
relationship with your heavenly father? Now you know about your own
heartly parents. Can you describe your relationship with your
earthly parent? Then transfer that over to your heavenly father?
Would you say your relationship is somewhat distant? There is an
aloofness, there is a separation or would it be a casual
relationship. Flipped : Something you take for granted, and yet
when you want him , you want him to be there. Cordial. friendly,
or would you say that you’re close, tight, intimate, update. He
knows what you are going through. Not because of his infinite
wisdom, because you’re talking to him as you’re going through it.

You don't have to catch upon anything because you’re close. You
spend tome together. Listen to me carefully! You won't be close,
you’re not close to anybody without spending time with them. So
your relationship with your heavenly father has been a drift. One
of the most delightful things in the world is drifting on an
intertube. You don't even realize you’re drifting until you wake up
and you look and realize that the shore has moved away or you’re
against the rocks, or you’re away from where you started out. It's
delightful and it's disillusioning and it's also dangerous or
destructive. Drifting; I've drifted down, have been on the highway
and have drifted into someone else’s lane or just started moving
over into that lane. You look at me like you
have never done that. It's like my little one, I think it was
Shelby was a little girl or Christy one, said you know daddy we
could be pretty good Christians if we didn't have to drive. And
you drift over into somebody else’s lane and they blow the horn and
you say God Bless you, thank you for that. I don't think that's
what yo ...

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