by Fred Lowery


William Faukner:Reason for telling a story is to illuminate "the ageless, eternal struggle" of being human.

Struggle between dreams & inevitable reality

Disbelief is the first arrow drawn from the quiver of self-defense when an unfriendly future advances against us. Second arrow is anger.

Impenetrable silence of God.

No answers to set at rest his questioning mind-given instead a presence to set a peace his trembling heart-the presence of Christ.

Only question- Will God heal me before or after I stop breathing?

Achievement means pleasing God and serving other

Based on my desires vs. God's desires

Experiencing the blast of god's grace

Felt emotional cross currents - anxiety, hope, love.
One surging emotion swept away all others-panic & helplessness

Prayer, my natural reflex

Sucked into the whirlpool

Some breezes gently warned of some stranger winds to follow
For me, it was a typhoon.

Drifted away from Xian moorings into wider waters of secular standards.

At times immobilizing anxiety

To hold the thread from my unraveling life

God embraced me with His grace-loved me though circumstances overwhelmed me. When God takes hold-doesn't let go. Tenacity of divine mercy.

No legalistic straining for a perfect piety. Doesn't have to work to impress God-Already held by His grace.

Aggressiveness of God's love freed her to trust him even when his purposes differ from her desires.

His reality surpasses all fantasies of happiness (26)

Live in a culture-tells us our dreams can be realized through hard work and positive thinking - But we wake to reality. Learn, of ten with great pain, we can't always have what we desperately want.

Marriages leaves us lonelier than we thought possible.
Single life feels like an inescapable prison.
Sexual drives remain frustrated
Vocational advancement remains blocked.
Health evades us

God seems to have locked himself in unres ...

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