by Fred Lowery


There was a man who was very sick and he went to a heart specialist. Dr. asked to speak with the wife alone. Your husband is very sick but if you will do these THREE things he will live.

1.Cook 3 square meals a day
2.Rub his back every other day
3.Make love to him 3x a week
The wife came out with a somber look on her face--the husband said what did the doctor say. *He said you are going to die!!!!!!

She was not willing to do what it would take to have a healthy spouse.

Sometimes we just miss what we could have had by not doing THE BASICS. "Happily ever after ending"

I love Fairy Tales. I have a magic wand. I am going to wave this wand over you and you will instantly become successful in Premier making a million dollars in 1994. (Albert Princess, etc.)

I would love to ZAP you and me successful. But this is real life and we must learn to use our manuals and the tools provided for us to learn and become successful.
*Break In Home Show Planner*
Three types of hostesses -- (1) those who make things happen; (2) those who watch things happen and (3) those who have no ideas what have happened.

I wish I could ZAP our hostesses too -- How many have been a Premier Hostess before you came in -Raise Hand- Wow I wish I had been.

Hostesses are the heart and life line of our business. If you have a showbook and you have a hostess you are in business. Let's talk briefly about how to get our hostesses on our TEAM.


T Talk and Touch and Teach
Hostess coach -- statistics tell us you can up your retail and sponsoring by doing a good job hostess coaching.
As a rule they will do what you teach them how to be a successful hostess -- you TEACH them! Do not keep it a secret!!
*Give them something to build a dream on.

"Hand out sheet -- 3 calls to the hostess -- Dot Hill -- Brenda Cole; Elizabeth Draper * Don't call when you are down in the dumps -- Be enthusiastic

E - Encourage - ...

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