by Fred Lowery

Goal:to become as natural as breathing

Benedictine Monk: As long as you know you are praying, you are not praying properly.

Prayer is practicing the presence of God

Remember why we do not pray:
4.Lack of plan

Find time for outer - shave, eat, make-up
television (4-6 hours)
If spent 1/10 time in prayer as watching t.v. we could shake this world.

No time for inner - inner life in shambles, stronger, larger life is within us. Neglect private world and let public world shape us.
Prayer is the most overpraised and underused resource

Perhaps the purest prayer: Father, may I see earth through heavens eyes." Thomas Kelly.

Kick Back Time All need to be hermit 15 minutes a day. Detach. Let tension drain out.

Chesterton: poets don't go mad, the solvers do.

God is there all the time - waiting, but like his forgiveness, his will to share the divine aliveness must be activated by us. Invited by us.

If we allow the inner garden of our souls to go undisciplined, we lose the way things we want and need most.

It is blood, not sweat.

Two Important truths:
1.Prayer can charge your life for the better
2.Prayerlessness is a sin
Prayer is not a religious exercise, it is a necessity.

When we don't pray-power, integrity, boldness, confidence, focus, humor and joy in serving the Lord disppears from our lifes

You can charge your priorities, possibilities, and perspectives through prayer.

You move from the natural realm to the supernatural.

e.g.Read John 15 and substitute the words time with God for the word abide. "If you spend time with God, he will spend time with you" (v.4) Wow, spend time basking in God's love. (v9)

Results of prayerlessness (O. Halesby)
1.We have more "world" in our thoughts
2.We feel farther from God
3.We have less God-talk in our conversations with others
4.A rebellious spirit slowly creeps into our personality
5.Sin doesn't sting as much and is less honestly ...

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