by Fred Lowery

Prayer Series 4/28/93PRAYER


Definition:Prayer is simply talking things over with our heavenly Father, getting his views, his will, his plans and our carrying out those plans with his grace, ability and wisdom (paraphrasing of Fiery Preacher, e.w. Kenyon)

Arch Bishop explains, "The Essential Act of Prayer is not the bending of God's will to ours but the bending of our will to his." The proper outline of a Christian's prayer is not, "Please do for me what I want", but "Please do in me, with me, and through me what you want."

Building intimacy in relationship requires rites and takes time. These rites are the sculpting from which we build the wall of a sound and lasting friendship.

First there has to be an attraction between two people. Only when I find you attractive will I want to get to know you better. Then come the rites. I try to spend time with you, perhaps first seemingly by accident. But as it becomes apparent the attraction is mutual, we will make time to be with one another, to do things together. We will gradually reveal things about ourselves to one another. Finally when both of us are relatively sure that the depth of our friendship, we might formalize what comes a reality. We begin to be steady dates, or we affirm that we are best friends, or in some way acknowledge that we are special to one another.

Doctors agree; prayer works.

Prayer does work. That is the conclusion of the journal of the American Medical Association. According to the new scientific study, hospitalized heart patients had improved their complications when other people prayed for their recovery. Patients were randomly divided into two groups of approximately 200 each. Patients in the experimental group were prayed for by three to seven born again Christians. Patients in the "controlled" group did not receive prayers. Neither group of patients were told if they were prayed for or not. Prayer is effective in healing. Prayer relieves str ...

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