by Fred Lowery

The Fallacy Checklist
Dr. Fred Lowery
...with any group of people, only the religious people would be
uncomfortable. Hello? The checklist group. Sinners, and maturing
Christians who are are also sinners would be drawn to the Savior. But
those who fall in the trap of legalism and checklist Christians would
have a real problem with being comfortable with Jesus Christ. In a
couple of months, parents will become manipulative with the kids with a
little diddy that says I'm making a list and checking it twice. I'm
gonna find out who's naughty or nice. That could be the theme song of
legalists who always have their lists and who are always checking it
twice. They love lists. But unfortunately, the lists are not based on
the New Testament. Lists are based on traditions, on personal
preference. On ideas or opinions. That's the danger of legalism.
Believe as I believe, no less. Feel as I feel - think as I
think - eat what I eat - drink what I drink. Look only as I look - do
only as I do. And if you don't I won't fellowship with you. That's
legalism. As long as you do it my way by my lists, we're in business.
But I'm always checking my list. And I'm always looking around to find
those who violate the lists, so because of that, we have to conclude
that legalism is an enemy. Legalism is an enemy of the church. In
fact, I don't know anything that so spreads its venom, that causes its
paralysis in the Body of Christ than this thing called legalism or a
legalistic attitude. The favorite verse of the legalist: And now
abideth faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is criticism.
That's the mark of the legalist. The characteristic mark of a critical
spirit. Jess Moody has written a book, and he has a chapter in there
that is an interesting chapter about how to live with a Pharisee by
trying real hard. And here's what he says on one part of the chapter.
He says pe ...

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